About Us

Death tax,  tax relief, and  job creators: these phrases and others like them are powerful tools that “conservative” think tanks have created over the last forty years to obtain and maintain power!   “Conservatives” use these types of phrases to frame issues to their advantage by appealing to voters’ values and psychological motivations.   They apply them in a disciplined way; with all the top  Republicans leaders, and media, using the same phrase over and over again at the same time.  With these phrases, and the framing behind them, “conservatives”  have been able to do the near impossible–convince poor and middle class voters to support policies that benefit the richest 1% of Americans at their expense.   Now YOU can do something about it; by using the same tactics that they do.

This Website 

This website  allows YOU to create your own words or phrases in an open and democratic forum and post them with  a short description.  The best phrases will sent to our Democratic leaders and the media so that we can do the same thing “conservatives” do–use them over and over in a unified way to communicate our values and policies effectively.

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Another place for crowdsourcing words or phrases to re-frame those values, policies and issues.